Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday Stuff and Shawl Pics

This is prayer shawl made for our local hospital to give as needed. The yarn is Red Heart Plush Pomegranate. This yarn is also marketed as TLC Amore. It is very soft and lightweight and makes nice prayer shawls. I used size 10.5 needles and the stitch is diamond lace and I'm not sure which source I used. HARMONY GUIDE has this stitch. (Right hand pic is close-up.)

This is prayer shawl for Scott who has cancer. Yarn is Red Heart Supersaver Camoflage and looks like I had 2 lots--so much for "no dye lot." In the past I've used Bernat Camoflage which I prefer as it's softer. Needles were size 10.5 US and pattern is fish hooks stitch from page 56 of THE HARMONY GUIDES 440 MORE KNITTING STITCHES volume 3. (Right hand picture close up of pattern)

I'm still pretty new at this and haven't figured out how (and if) you can rotate images. I also wanted to move the close-ups so they overlapped the whole piece. I guess that's a lesson to be learned another day.

Now I have to clean my house. I cannot knit again until my house is a lot cleaner than it is right now. I'm not posting pictures of this mess.

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Briley said...

Red Heart recently changed manufacturers for the supersaver yarn. You noe have to check the date of production on the label to ensure your yarns will match (I'm not sure if the date of change, though)