Monday, July 30, 2007

The rest of the story

This is Bumbles. He's made from yellow SnC from a pattern from He's a gift for someone. I really like Rachel's patterns but have decided that I need to use size 5 needles as cloths are fairly large. She also recommended blocking by spraying with water and smoothing out with fingers. I've found this to work very well.

This is Knitdishcloths Christmas in July KAL. It's red SnC on size 7 needles.

This is Rachels_knitting_room KAL. Beep-beep. I entertained
my co-workers at VBS last week by explaining how kals work. Everyday they'd ask "what is it?"

I got my first "puffy" today. Seeing someone else's handy work and checking out all my goodies was fun. My exchange partner's knitting reminded me of my mom's.

I also received some hand dyed yarn that I commented on from one of the Monthly Bookmark group members. I'm beginning to be interested in hand dyeing and am beginning to check out sources.

I'm working on another "gift" dishcloth and a prayer throw using a flame pattern using persimmon TLC Amore. I plan to start working on my twin set again on Wednesday. I'm also working on my first sock. I'm thinking of frogging this and trying one of the two needle cast on methods. I used larger needles but by problem is that I pull my "long tail" pretty tight which doesnet allow much elasticity. I'm concerned that sock will not go over my heel.

As usual I'm posting at bedtime. So goodnight...

Monthly KALs

In response to a comment, I belong to 3 dishcloth KALs and the bookmark KAL. All are Yahoo groups.
Dishcloth KALs are MonthlyDishcloths group, KnitDishcloth group, Rachels_Knitting_Room group. Bookmark KAL is MonthlyBookmarksKAL group. I enjoy all these groups. I've been knitting for 40+ years and really like KALs and learn a lot through them. The first 2 dishcloth groups and the bookmark KAL have 2 KALs a month.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mid July

It's been a busy week. I worked with VBS and so even though KALs were finished didn't get pictures made. The center bookmark is mid-July KAL. I used DMC Traditions and size 1 needles. The other two were made using an angel from a dishcloth designed by Carol Callaway. I'm thinking to make the next one with some metallic thread around the angel.

Two of my dishcloth KALs were made with red yarn which didn't show well when photographed. I'm going to try pictures again tomorrow. This is the one from monthly dishcloths and it's not showing too well either. I like this yarn. It's SnC Twist Naturals. It's "tweedy."

This is prayer shawl I made for friend who had back surgery. I used Elann Adara and a pattern from Elann called Rainbow Shawl. This is the one I had such a hard time keeping up with the pattern for some reason or other. When I washed it, I discovered a dropped stitch that had to be repaired.
I also made a "quilt" by lining a serenity prayer panel with flannel and tying. It was my first quilt attempt and I delivered it to a young man who's just out of rehab. I forgot to take a picture.
I'm making dishcloths for exchanges and also my first pair of socks. I'm going to start working on my twin set again Wednesday. I hope that I can get back on my schedule this week.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


These are bookmarks made from the July 1 KAL. All are made with DMC Traditions #10 cotton and size 2 needles. I liked this pattern. The pattern is available to members of the Monthly Bookmark KAL (Yahoo group). I pray when I make these and they'll be given to friends as gifts.

Click on any of the pix for bigger view.

From the Heart of Texas is a charity oriented Yahoo group. This is the July 1 KAL. Yarn is Red Heart supersaver acrylic. I'll send this to Colleen Ponzani for her "spare squares." She sews the squares together to make afghans for kids at a hospital near her.

This is Knit Dishcloth Group KAL. I used SnC yellow. This one will be used as a dishcloth. I'm donating some to a fellow group member for a charity craft show so this will probably go to her.

This is Monthly Dishcloth KAL. I cheated. This is an afghan square. It is made with acrylic. It's some I bought in a surprise package from e-bay. This will also go to Colleen.

Now I'm all caught up and it's time to KAL again. Fortunately only one of the KALs I belong to started today. I'm ready for tomorrow.

What I did on my summer vacation

Well as the commercial says "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." In my case, my driver's license stayed in Vegas too. Fortunately I travel with my passport. I will however say I had a good time and a restful one. I completed several knitting projects and worked on my rainbow shawl which I hope to complete tonight.
I went to see "Love" by Cirque du Soleil. If you're ever there, go see it or any other Cirque show they are worth the money.
On the trip out nasty weather closed Dallas-Ft Worth which caused my flights to be delayed. I spent 5 hours in Greensboro airport and 2 in DFW and did some knitting on the first flight. So I had about 9 hours of knitting time. I spent about an hour unknitting my shawl (two times). I think the lesson learned from that episode is don't knit late at night unless you count stitches after every row or use a lifeline.

This is a washcloth I made from a pattern I bought from Rachel van Schie. Pattern is called Shovel and Pail. Needle size 7 and yarn is Knit Picks Shine Worsted. This is a very soft yarn and makes up nicely for bath cloths.

This is fingertip towel sans button designed by AlexSandy Thompson from the Dishcloth calendar that was compiled last year. The yarn is SnC and I don't know what color as the label was one of the things that "stayed in Vegas." I've bought buttons for these towels several times and who knows where they are. Hopefully I'll find them by Christmas.
Here are some bookmarks I made. Actually made 2 each of the two on the right side. Sorry the picture is not so good. I will drape the sewing cabinet with cloth next time. The bookmarks on the left and in center were designed by Brian McGaunn. The third bookmark is last month's KAL. Used size 1 needles and DMC Traditions.
While I was on vacation, Tristan, my great-nephew, came home from the hospital. Thank you, Lord. He's doing well. He is the apple of his granddaddy's eye.