Sunday, September 23, 2007

What's up 9/23/07

Here they are--second pair of socks. They're made from Elann Esprit using Cat Bordhi's Sinple Socks pattern and size 2 needles. I really like the 2 circular method. Of course, a couple of times I used the "resting" needle to knit from the working one. That wasn't a major problem. I started my Dublin Bay sock-a-long socks last night for the First-Time Socknitters group.
This is mid-September KAL from monthly dishcloth group. Pattern from Knit Sew Studio. I almost frogged this when I discovered what it was. I've tried this before and had trouble with the crochet. This one did okay. Yarn is SnC Painted Desert. I'm thinking of making a hand towel and dishcloth to match for a gift. There is a witch on this cloth somewhere. She's in profile from neck up and right facing. This is Rachel's Knitting Room KAL 6 and designed by Marilyn Wallace. Yarn is Hot Orange SnC.
This is knitdishcloth KAL. Pattern is creation of Kayleen Clements. Yarn is Bernat Handicrafter Twist.
This isn't a knitting project. When I'm not knitting, I do a little rubberstamping. Usually I do this on Sunday afternoon but lately I've been knitting more on Sunday. This is my Christmas card for 2007 and 2008. Members of my church exchange cards so I start in January making "church" cards. I'm almost finished with 2007 ones. This card will be mailed to friends who do not attend my church this year. I go to a friend's home for Christmas Club once a month on Monday and this is card I'm working on. The design can be found on in the gallery. The stamp set is Stampin' Up City of David. I'm sorry I can't remember the "designer's" name. I'm not very good with designing cards.
I had an interesting thing happen this week. I welcomed Flo who works for Elmore-Pisgah in Old Fort, NC to monthly dishcloth group. In my post, I mentioned that I lived in Reidsville. Another Reidsville knitter responded and hopefully she and I will meet. I want to start a knitting meet-up group here. My new cyber-friend knows the young man who mows my lawn. This was just TOO COOL!!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I've really been working

It doesn't look like I've done much this week. Here's my bookmark KAL. It's done in DMC Traditions size 1 needles. This is my first DW cloth. Someone sent me one in an exchange and I really liked it. So I made one of my own. It is a great cloth for variegateds.
I'm not resting. I have projects OTN--scarf KAL, prayer shawl, dishcloth KAL and sock 2 of Cat Bordhi simple socks. Tomorrow is another KAL start up and will start another on Monday. Hopefully next week will have more finished.

Monday, September 10, 2007

In memory of Sunny D

I lost my 17 year old Himalayan last night to old age. Sir Sundance Kit-of-Rosedale, as he was officially known, (aka Grumpy Cat, Sunny D, Big Guy, Sundance) was a good cat. He was almost like a dog. I miss him but have Izzy and Debit to keep me company.

I don't have a picture of him that can be posted. In his younger days he was a beautiful cat. He adapted to most things--Debit (the dog) took a while. Debit for some reason was a little frightened by Sundance. If Sundance was laying in a doorway, Debit would bark until he moved.

I love you Big Guy and will miss you...

Fruit of the needles 9/10/07

This is Eleanor the Elephant designed by Rhonda White. I recycled a KAL that was Yin Yang kitties. I think I had some problems so decided to use this lovely SnC blue (in NC we call this Carolina Blue) to make a birthday gift for my friend who loves elephants.
This is September KAL for Monthly Dishcloth KAL. It was also given to my friend.
This is my first completed Christmas gift. The pattern is Fore Towel from Knit Wits Heaven. It will be given to a golfer for use as a golf towel. It' s made from Bernat Handicrafter Sage Green. I really haven't been resting. I have on the needles a scarf KAL, dishcloth KAL, sock 1 of a pair, a prayer throw, and a bookmark KAL. I also did test knits for Monthly Bookmark design contest. I can't post those pictures. I did get my twin set assembled and will work trim as soon as I finish my socks.