Sunday, February 3, 2008

Finished projects

Here are some finished projects. I haven't blogged in a few weeks. So much for being resolute. I hopefully will be back on Saturday morning schedule next week. I had a meeting, retreat weekend and a nice visit with my 94 year old aunt. She taught me to knit. These are my Monkey socks designed by Cookie A. Yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome Cherry Blossom. I love this yarn.
This is a bath mitt from Rhonda White's Bath and Spa Sets leaflet. It's PnC. Below is facecloth to match. It's a birthday gift for a friend who received soap sack for Christmas.
At long last this is Julie's Pi Shawl. Yarn is Red Heart Plush in Marina. If I make another of these, I won't make the faux increase rows. They were a pain.
These are Tea Time Socks in Lana Grasso Meilenweit designed by Adrienne Fong. They're mosaics. I've purchased red and green yarn to make Christmas socks. While knitting these, I had several "chats" with Adrienne on Ravelry. Being able to chat with designers is fun.


adrienne said...


your "teatimes" look perfect! it was fun chatting with you too.

let's do it again sometime!

monica said...

I love the Sockittome yarn too. Your monkeys and tea time socks are lovely as it the shawl and the bath set.

Briley said...

Wow Timmie, you've been holding out on us! It's nice to see all of your wonderful work. I especially love the mosaic socks. Nice job!

Aunt Kathy said...

Everything looks great. I can't wait to learn socks, especially when I see how nice yours look