Sunday, September 23, 2007

What's up 9/23/07

Here they are--second pair of socks. They're made from Elann Esprit using Cat Bordhi's Sinple Socks pattern and size 2 needles. I really like the 2 circular method. Of course, a couple of times I used the "resting" needle to knit from the working one. That wasn't a major problem. I started my Dublin Bay sock-a-long socks last night for the First-Time Socknitters group.
This is mid-September KAL from monthly dishcloth group. Pattern from Knit Sew Studio. I almost frogged this when I discovered what it was. I've tried this before and had trouble with the crochet. This one did okay. Yarn is SnC Painted Desert. I'm thinking of making a hand towel and dishcloth to match for a gift. There is a witch on this cloth somewhere. She's in profile from neck up and right facing. This is Rachel's Knitting Room KAL 6 and designed by Marilyn Wallace. Yarn is Hot Orange SnC.
This is knitdishcloth KAL. Pattern is creation of Kayleen Clements. Yarn is Bernat Handicrafter Twist.
This isn't a knitting project. When I'm not knitting, I do a little rubberstamping. Usually I do this on Sunday afternoon but lately I've been knitting more on Sunday. This is my Christmas card for 2007 and 2008. Members of my church exchange cards so I start in January making "church" cards. I'm almost finished with 2007 ones. This card will be mailed to friends who do not attend my church this year. I go to a friend's home for Christmas Club once a month on Monday and this is card I'm working on. The design can be found on in the gallery. The stamp set is Stampin' Up City of David. I'm sorry I can't remember the "designer's" name. I'm not very good with designing cards.
I had an interesting thing happen this week. I welcomed Flo who works for Elmore-Pisgah in Old Fort, NC to monthly dishcloth group. In my post, I mentioned that I lived in Reidsville. Another Reidsville knitter responded and hopefully she and I will meet. I want to start a knitting meet-up group here. My new cyber-friend knows the young man who mows my lawn. This was just TOO COOL!!!!


LDSVenus said...

Well I think your KAL turned out wonderfully :). Making a set is a great idea, hmmmmm. Those socks are pretty nice too :)

stitchin' girl said...

I love your knitting. The witch cloth is really cute!

Tabitha said...

Great work on the socks. I like the dishcloths too. I really like the new KAL one. I am going to have to knit up a bunch of those for quick gifts.

Briley said...

Love the socks. I have to try Cat Bohrdi's designs. My brother just picked up her sock book, and said I can borrow it anytime, so maybe soon!
The Christmas card looks wonderful.