Friday, June 6, 2008


(This has a lot of pictures of finished projects. I didn't post all. Those of you on Ravelry can see all. My id is timspinknitz.)

In January I attended a knitting retreat at Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville, NC. One of my classes was a sweater design class led by Varian Brandon. She used part EZ percentage, part Alice Starmore, part from a book titled Knitting the Old Way and part her own method. In February I started my first design sweater. It's had a couple of naps but mid-week this week I bound it off. I'm not overjoyed with the neck. It's a little scoopy but I learned and will adjust the next one. Here's the picture:

I also finished my Mr Greenjeans sweater. A couple of changes I made to this pattern were using larger needles for cable work on body and making full length sleeve. The yarn is Dream in Color Classy Into the Mystic. I highly recommend this yarn you can find it at The LoopyEwe.
Here's a picture:

Here's a prayer shawl I made for my aunt. It's the basic k3, p3 shawl made in Lionbrand Homespun. I'm not sure what the colorway is. I bought this on eBay and it didn't have a label.

This is a Rocketry sweater for a new baby at my church. It was designed to use Dream in Color yarns. I used some Knit Picks Swish because I was being cheap and didn't want to spend the price of the kit on the gift. Since I'm totally lacking in color theory abilities, I didn't think this was a very baby-like sweater. I suspect Tristan will get this sweater.
Another reason I wasn't overly thrilled by the above sweater was that I made an EZ baby surprise jacket. This was from some superwash yarn dyed by my friend Laura. I also made a matching hat from 101 One Skein Wonders. Now when I first finished this little jacket, I thought "It's okay but not the cutest sweater I've ever seen." Then I found these little bear buttons at Walmart. When I sewed them on, it was like magic. I'm now making a baby surprise jacket for the "church" baby.

These are my exchange partner's socks. Pat is from near Chicago. She gave me a beautiful pair of socks made of Claudia Handpainted, some qiviuk to spin, some chocolate, some Wollmeise, a tape measure, some note cards and a basket. Her socks are Wendy's Loopy Laces and the yarn is Regia Stretch in Skater colorway.
This is the finished Argosy wrap. I gave it to a knitting friend who has breast cancer and is undergoing chemo. It's made from Fantasy Naturale and the colorway ought to be red hatters delight but I don't know the name.
I think this is most of the big items I've finished in the last two months. I finished Janelle's dorm socks and some hand towels. They're in my Ravelry notebook.

On the needles now, a pair of generic toe-ups based on Wendy's pattern using Opal sock, a pair of design socks to match Mr Greenjeans sweater using Dream in Color Smooshy, a baby surprise jacket using some DK superwash in Spring Melody from ThankEwe, and Allspice vest from Anna Zilbourg from kit. I'll also be working on some market bags for Christmas gifts soon. Bye for now. Hope to be back sooner.

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MsKnitSox said...

Thanks for sharing the photos! Everything looks great! Mr. Greenjeans looks really fun in that colorway! I hope to follow your lead with the photo heavy blog post. Just have a few more photos to take, hopefully, tomorrow... : )