Saturday, December 29, 2007

Where has time gone?

Happy New Year (almost)! It's hard to believe I haven't blogged in a month. I've been busy with Christmas preparations and have been "playing" on Ravelry. Since becoming a raveler, project pictures seem to get uploaded there instead of here. One of my New Year's resolutions is to get back onto my time management track. So Saturday mornings will be blogging/computer play time. Here are the past month's completed projects:

This is Rachel's Knitting Room KAL for December. Yarn is PnC Ecru. Designer is Marilyn Wallace. These are Autumn Leaves socks designed by Debbie O'Neill for The SOTM club. The yarn is Classic Elite alpaca sock. I used size 1 needles and used magic loop for last sock. I really liked magic loop.
This is a gift. Soap sack is from Rhonda White's Spa & Bath Sets to Knit. This one is Refresh Soap Sack. Yarn is PnC. I can't remember colorway.
This is another Christmas Tree hat. This one I made for my mother-in-law for gift. This one was designed by Norma Brinkley-Staley. I had some issues with the pattern and had to wing the last few rows. Hat is made from Red Heart Supersaver worsted paddy green. I liked Reenie's hat pattern better. I used this one because I had some worsted in my stash and didn't want to drive 25 miles to craft store for bulky.
This soap sack is a gift. Pattern is from Rhonda White's Spa & Bath Sets to Knit. Pattern is Tranquility Soap Sack. Yarn is PnC.
This is another SOTM selection. I love this sock. I will make another pair later with longer cuffs. I wear, wash, feel them every day until they dry and put them back on. Yarn is Reynolds Soft Sea Wool, pattern is A Little Twisted Sock by Debbie O' Neill.
This is another gift. Pattern is Diamonds and Lace Fingertip from Yarn is SnC painted desert.

This is dishcloth to go with fingertip above.

My mother-in-law's gift funded the purchase of a spinning wheel which I'm learning to use. The wheel is named "Rusty" after her. Thanks Rita.

OTN--Julie's Pi Shawl which I hope to finish by next post and Monkey socks by Cookie A.

In the SOTM Tea Time kit, some toe up socks, more prayer shawls, a sweater project starting February 1.

Another resolution is to work socks, KALs and charity knits on odd months. Even months will be used to make sweater projects. I also will work on Christmas gifts on Sunday afternoons. Saturday afternoons will be used for sewing/spinning projects and rubber stamping. Hopefully this time management plan will work out. I'm usually good at adhering to schedules. Weekends will have to be a little flexible due to trips, spinning classes and stamp camps.


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Briley said...

Yea! You have a spinning wheel! Tell us more.. what kind is it? Have you used it yet?

Also all the new knitting is wonderful. I've been dying to try that CE alpaca sox.